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Toxins. They’re in the food we eat, the cleaning products we use and even the clothes we wear. As consumers, we expect or perhaps assume that our everyday purchases have been under every microscope in the lab so they’re safe to use before they hit the shelves, right? Not so I’m afraid, and research has shown that exposure to these potentially toxic chemicals is linked to chronic disease, sensitivities and allergies, breast milk contamination and early onset-puberty, just to name a few. Scary, huh?

The good news is you can reduce the risk to you, your family and the planet by ditching the nasties and choosing non-toxic and organic products and services. And the even better news? We’ve done the research for you and have a growing directory of safer brands across Australia and New Zealand that specialise in everything from monthly subscription boxes to free range treats for your pooch.

A little bit about me

I’m Marnie, a wife, mum, snowboarding enthusiast and lover of all things non-toxic and organic. Like many couples, my husband and I had trouble conceiving our first baby. With no explanation from our specialists, I began my journey into clean living. What started with switching skincare products and cosmetics for organic versions, soon progressed into eating a nutritionally sound organic diet and ditching all plastics as I researched ways to reduce the level of toxins I was exposed to on a daily basis. And while I can’t categorically say it’s the sole reason I fell pregnant, I felt that my body was in peak condition and I haven’t looked back.

Here at Toxin Free Tribe, we’re passionate about finding healthy and non-toxic solutions to everyday living.

We want to share these with you to help you in your journey towards optimum wellness and wellbeing. As well as the directory, our blog is full of info on low tox living, women’s health issues,  wellness tips and news and health-centric recipes. We also have podcast and book recommendations, and more to encourage and help you make healthy choices.

Venturing down the path of non-toxic or natural living is not just for the ‘crunchy’, it’s for all those who want to live well.

Make the switch to toxin free and join the tribe.

We are on the lookout for businesses to refer our audience to. If you offer a toxin free product or service, we’d love to chat. Please contact us here.

Marnie Iudica – Founder

Marnie - Toxin Free Tribe