8 ways to minimise harmful chemicals affecting your unborn baby

Pregnancy 8 Natural ways to reduce harmful chemicals Toxin Free Tribe

Looking to clean up your body for pregnancy so it can cook the best, non-toxic babe ever?

All joking aside, as much as we can, when we’re having a baby we want to give our littles the very best start we can. And that includes all pregnancy stages, starting right there in your belly… from what goes in your mouth, to what you breathe in, and what goes on your skin. Everything is passed from your blood stream, through the placenta to your growing bub. We obviously can’t avoid all chemicals in our environment, but there are a few savvy ways to minimise exposure.

Here’s our top 8 ways to go natural from the very first signs of pregnancy…

1. Listen to your nose

Sometimes one of the early pregnancy symptoms is that we become super sensitive to the smells around us. Yep, hello morning (or more like all day!) sickness. If your daily moisturiser, your deodorant, or your surface cleaner start to smell a bit funky to you, take note. It can often be a sign that it’s not that good for you and your growing belly. Listen to what your nose is telling you, check the ingredients, and make any swaps as needed.

2. Check the tap

When you’re having a baby,  mamas need to be guzzling the water, but we want that water to be fresh and filtered. Lead can leach out of poorly maintained water pipes and into the water supply that we drink. Exposure to lead can cause permanent brain damage and slow growth both in utero, and after birth. Some lipsticks can even contain lead too (from their chemically formed pigments). Best to check your taps, get a water filter, and wear natural lippy.

Filtered water Pregnancy Toxin Free Tribe

3. Eating for two

Go as fresh, whole and natural as possible. And when you can, go organic. We’re sure you already know the list of foods to avoid at all pregnancy stages (bye bye sushi lunches, and cheese ‘n’ wine Saturdays). But when choosing foods, it’s good to minimise those with heavy uses of pesticides. Be wary of fish with high levels of the neurotoxin, mercury (including tuna and mackerel). Fetal exposure can lead to learning and memory problems later in life. Eating fresh also reduces your exposure to containers, cans, plastic pots, cling wrap… the list goes on.

4. Nesting

It’s only natural to go all out with the tidying, organising and sorting to get your home in tip top shape for your new arrival. There’s nothing quite like having a de-stash to be prepared for bringing baby home. Not to mention, filing all that paperwork (anyone else guilty?). When cleaning, just be sure to opt for non-toxic, chemical free products. Baking Soda and Vinegar are perfect alternatives to the usual commercial cleaning products.

Pregnancy Nursery Toxin Free Tribe

5. Skip the nail salon

It’s always lovely to have a bit of pregnancy pampering, but be wary of where you go and what treatments you choose. Be sure to opt for a pregnancy massage (instead of a general massage), and choose a simple, natural oil. Steer clear of inhaling the toxic chemicals at the nail salon. Formaldehyde off gasses can lead to low birth weights and respiratory issues. Skip the chemical hair straightening too, as well as chemical heavy colour treatments. If you find somewhere that offers non toxic nail polishes, ensure it has great ventilation and good airflow to reduce exposure to fumes.

6. Get back to nature

Spending time in the fresh air is great for you and your babe, increasing the flow of oxygen to the placenta and the quality of the air you breathe. If you have green fingers in the garden, just be wary of chemical insecticides. As an alternative, onion and garlic are perfect natural pesticides. Open up the windows at home to get the air moving, waft out any toxins that are building up, and improve the air quality.

Pregnancy Outdoors Toxin Free Tribe

7. Plastic, not so fantastic

We all know that BPA is a no go. But for pregnant mamas, even more so. The last thing you want is this endocrine disrupter mimicking your hormones in pregnancy. The best way to go is to avoid the plastic all together, opt for glass and stainless steel bottles instead. Be sure not to heat those leftovers in plastic storage containers (I know you’re starving hungry, but just use a glass bowl or jar instead). Did you know that even receipts contain BPA?! Another reason to say no to receipts (and save on paper too!). BPA can kill placental cells, and possibly causes preeclampsia, miscarriage or premature birth.

8. Painting the nursery

Maybe leave this job to someone else. Avoid the toluene and VOCs in the paint (or choose a VOC-free paint), and be sure to ventilate the room as well as you can. Keep the reno work to a minimum to reduce exposure to lead, dust, or even any old asbestos! Pick out a mattress made of natural fibres for the nursery (after all babe will be spending a lot of time there… sleeping hopefully!)

Take it easy mama, enjoy your pregnancy and where you can, make these natural choices. Your body and your babe will certainly thank you.

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About the author

Caroline is mum to two premmie babes now 3.5 years and 6 months old. With tricky starts to life for both (and to motherhood!), Caroline has researched, tried and tested many natural, organic products to find those that are good for her babes and the environment too. Her biz, Avidiva, showcases her passion for stylish, but natural goodies and gifts.

Avidiva is an online store for mamas and babes offering all natural, non-toxic products and gifts. A place to grab a teether for bub, treat yourself to a scrub, or send a gift box to a pregnant bestie. You can find her on Facebook and @avidivababy on Instagram or swing by the site at www.avidiva.com.au.

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How to have a natural pregnancy: Getting pregnant is a miracle - read the blog to get our top 8 tips to keep that little miracle as pure as possible. www.toxinfreetribe.com #pregnant #prenancytips #mumlife #maternity #firsttimemum #naturalpregnancy #holisticpregnancyHow to have a natural pregnancy: Getting pregnant is a miracle - read the blog to get our top 8 tips to keep that little miracle as pure as possible. www.toxinfreetribe.com #pregnant #prenancytips #mumlife #maternity #firsttimemum #naturalpregnancy #holisticpregnancy

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