6 essential ways to prevent toxins creating brittle bones

The body is continually rebuilding new bone and destroying old bone.

In my research, I’ve found the human skeletal system is breaking down and rebuilding at a microscopic level. For me, this is an incredibly thought-provoking topic among clients.

Some say, how well our bones rebuild depends on only three things.

These include: taking supplements, how much we exercise, and how many days we are exposed to the sun. But, we now know there’s a considerably more extensive list. Our skeletal system does not function independently of other systems, organs, gut microbiome, skin, or even our brain!

In fact, a healthy skeletal system is linked to a healthy nervous system. This means brain networks, and our nervous system work alongside our metabolic system.

A study from National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases suggest potential links between declining cognitive function in old age and a decrease in bone mass. From high blood glucose levels to cognitive impairments, sugar doesn’t produce energy or stimulate growth. Consequently, metabolic syndrome can lead to a mental and skeletal breakdown.

Our Endocrine System

Bones have been studied as an endocrine organ and can modulate metabolic function. Interestingly enough, the skin is able to produce and metabolize hormones as an endocrine organ.

Therefore endocrine disruptors are found to be toxic to our skin, brain, gut, skeletal system and all bodily functions.

Endocrine disruptors disrupt the body’s natural processes, hormones, and digestion. These toxins leave you feeling less able to enjoy life.

Sadly, synthetic endocrine disruptors from prescriptions, environment, and foods, are now found in living tissue at dramatically higher concentrations than natural hormones.

If you’re concerned with bone-loss, low bone density, osteoporosis, skin disorders, gut inflammation, and reduced cognitive function you can create small changes in your current lifestyle habits.

Diet-related endocrine disruptors include sugars, sodas, wheat, alcohol, processed foods, caffeine and more. The side-effects of a toxic lifestyle rob the skin, brain, and bones of oxygen and essential nutrients. It’s ‘blood-slugging’ where the red blood cells clump together starving the tissues of oxygen, leading to cell death.
Blood flows within every one of us.

It is important to note that our blood health is directly associated with our bone health.

Blood Health/Bone Health: Food is not just food.

Food is information to our hormones, energy to our cells, systems, organs and bodily functions. One way of improving health is by consuming green superfoods and raw organic walnuts. Processed foods are causal to inflammation in our body and brain decreasing oxygen levels, disrupting digestion, hormones, and blood flow.

There is an overload of stress put on our body to pass processed sugars in the bloodstream. “The body must bind the sugar to a mineral, generally calcium. This calcium is often taken directly from our bones.”

Better health is achievable when we take the time to eliminate the consumption of toxins found in GMOs in corn, MSG, vegetable oils, cereals, pizza, pasteurized rBGH dairy, chemicals, synthetics, and dyes. People, who eat carelessly, focusing on processed foods and refined carbohydrates, may be risking brittle bones from collagen matrix insufficiency.

Imbalances in blood sugar levels and obesity are found harmful to skeletal integrity

*Osteoblast is the precursor of the substance that is responsible for producing the collagen that forms bone matrix. It prevents osteoporosis by increasing bone density. Excessive alcohol consumption increases blood sugar levels damaging osteoblast and brain cells.

*The Department for Endocrinology says, “Insulin resistance is inversely associated with cortical bone size.” A high wheat and sugar diet wears out insulin receptors, increases stress, and interferes with calcium and magnesium absorption.

*Sugar adds to an increased risk for depression. An MD may prescribed anti-depressants to combat depression, but they don’t necessarily solve the problem. The issue may stem from our love affair with sugar, starting our day with cereal killers and ending it with soda and ice cream.

James Braly and Ron Hoggan, published a book, Dangerous Grains. They have documentation that gluten intolerance does not just affect celiacs. “They believe that the immune reaction to gluten damaging the gut in celiac disease can also cause problems almost anywhere else in the body, including inflammation in the gut.”

Not surprisingly, science has proclaimed the gut microbiome as an endocrine organ. It influences stress, metabolism, reproduction, weight, sleep, hormones, the central nervous system, brain function, and inflammation.

“Chronic inflammation is another factor in bone loss. And when inflammation starts in (or is centered around) the gut, it can affect our ability to absorb bone-building nutrients.”

Inflammation in the body can lead to bone loss by way of elevated cortisol levels.” Osteoporosis is currently attributed to various endocrine and metabolic factors, including poor oral health and obesity. Chronic inflammation in the immune system, nervous system, and skin may be a determinant factor in bone loss.

What can you do now?

6 tips to decrease inflammation and create stronger bones.

1. Because eighty percent of our immune system is found in the gut, building good gut microbiome is a priority in preventing bone loss.

2. Avoid a chronic caffeine habit. “Caffeine has been found to accelerate bone loss at the spine in elderly postmenopausal women.”

3. Drink more water and decrease your dependence on sweet drinks, including store bought orange juice. Processed OJ does not build strong bones.

4. Increase organic green foods, avocados, and watermelons and decrease cravings for salt. Excessive salty products, such as processed pretzels, chips, and french fries, tax the kidneys and may add to calcium loss.

5. Alcohol doesn’t help you to relax, it actually interferes with a good night’s sleep. Alcohol consumption disrupts magnesium levels.

6. Insomnia is linked to a processed toxic lifestyle, obesity, and unfavorable changes in gut microbiome, which are directly related to reduced bone density as well. Gastrointestinal function is critical for excellent bone function. If digestion or absorption are compromised, nutrients will not be available to nourish our bones.

Solving intestinal problems is an excellent place to begin to build bone integrity and to help reverse inflammation. Only you can give your body the elements it needs to create the right internal environment for bone health.

DISCLAIMER~ The information provided in this blog post is not meant to treat or cure any disease.

About the author

Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Certified Brain Health Coach, Published Author, Certified Cosmetologist & Skin Health Educator, Ambassador of Well-Being, Reiki Master, Natural Wellness Blogger, Professional Researcher, Expert in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses for endocrine, metabolic, and skin health.

Published Author on Amazon: ‘Path to a Healthy Mind & Body’

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